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2yrs 9 months old

Alicia. What an amazing little girl. And she is a girl now. No more toddling, not a baby anymore, just a beautiful, intelligent, funny, active, 2yr old girl. I should also mention her tantrums and whining and cheekiness, so as not to portray her as a perfectly 100% happy-every-minute-of-the-day child (I'm sure they don't exist).

At the moment, she's into Hi-5, Dora the Explorer, Books, her (fake) mobile phones, building blocks, jumping and drawing. Her drawings are still fairly scribbly... though they're starting to change from lines to shapes. She loves playing with her torch, especially at night after I've read her a book and turn the light off in her room, or in my walk-in-robe with the door shut (as long as I'm in there too). It's funny when we play "Hide-n-Seek"... I count to 10, while she "hides", and when I get to 10, she usually jumps out of her hiding place and shouts, "Here I am!" haha.

She plays on the computer now. She has fairly good control of the small mouse and can play simple mouse-clicking games. Although she hasn't played any in a while because she's into the Hi-5 show at the moment.

She's displaying great co-ordination. She loves riding her bike that we gave her for Christmas. I've been taking her to the bike track on the beachfront and I ride my scooter next to her while she rides. She's a really good bike rider. Granted, she still has her training wheels on, but she's very confident and obviously loves riding her bike - which is great to see :)

She loves jumping at the moment too. She practices jumping from a standing position on the lounge room rug, to see how far she can jump. She also loves jumping off the couch or her bed onto the floor.

She loves milk. LOVES milk. I'm actually getting worried that she drinks way too much of it. Food: Loves - cheese, croissants (who doesn't?!), tomatoes, kalamata olives, peaches, bananas, pears, apples, custard, ice cream. Doesn't love - salad/greens (but WILL eat them if there's dessert afterwards... hrmm.)

She's going well at swimming lessons. She's moved up to the 'kindergarten' class, which means I no longer go into the pool with her. She goes in with an instructor and I watch from the sidelines. She loves swimming. She really looks forward to it. She's starting to get a bit more co-ordinated with both the paddling AND the kicking. But there's a lot of room for improvement. Still, I think she's doing great for only having started 5 months ago.

Oct. 11th, 2010

I took Alicia to the Pt Elliot show yesterday. The weather was absolutely perfect - sunny with a few clouds, a little windy though. We managed to stay for a couple of hours before Alicia got ratty. I was really impressed with the show. I wasn't expecting much of it, so I was really surprised when I saw how good it was. Alicia loved the animals. Especially in the pet section, she got to pat a baby goat and sheep and calf. She went on a pony ride and we watched a magic show and then we went on a show ride - the teacup and saucer (it's a spinning one). We'll definitely go again next year. It was a great day :)

We have 2 spiders in the house at the moment. One is in my walk-in robe that's been there for a while - it's a daddy long legs - and the other is a big one that's found it's way onto the living room ceiling just 2 days ago. The ceiling is very high (it's raked), so we can't get to the spider easily, to get it out. Today Alicia came into the wardrobe while I was in there and said, "Look mummy, the spider!"
I said, "Yes, it's ok, he's a good spider. He's a daddy long legs."
Alicia walked to the lounge-room, pointed to the big spider and said, "Oh! look, it's a Mummy long legs spider!"
Hahaha :D cute!


A couple of weeks ago, I put Alicia in her bed to go to sleep. As she closed her eyes, she said, "Mummy, I can see photos in my eyes".
"You can see photos in your eyes?"
"What do you see in your photos?"
"Seagulls... and friends."
I smiled.
Then she said to me, "You have to go now mummy."
"Oh! Okay." I said.

swimming lessons! day 1 (2yrs 3mo)

Today was Alicia's first swimming lesson and she absolutely LOVED it! When we first arrived, we watched the other children in the pool and she looked pretty keen to get in the pool. She even said to me, "Mummy, I wanna go in!" So we got in the pool and at first she held onto me very tightly in the pool. I walked slowly, up and down the pool lane with her clinging to me like a monkey. After a while, I sat her back up on the edge of the pool and she got out and wanted to leave the pool area. One of the pool attendants helped to entice her back to the pool with some colourful pool toys (a water squirter and floating ball), but she still wouldn't get in. I was starting to think that she'd never get back in the water, but by then, the class had started and the attendant suggested I hand Alicia to the swimming coach (who was already in the water) and then go in after her. It worked. The class was really great. The coach sang songs and made it really fun for the kids/babies to be in the water. Alicia loves songs, so she really *switched on* as soon as there was some singing involved. We did stuff like... lifting her up and splashing back down into the water, then riding on top of a kick board, then (still on the kick board) creating waves, then practicing submerging (Ali didn't really like this much), then falling/jumping of the edge of the pool into the water (while singing 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall'), then with floaties on, floating around and kicking, then pushing off the wall with their feet. The last part included some more songs and lots of splashing! Alicia loved it. She was squealing with delight and had the biggest smile :)
By the end, she didn't want to get OUT of the pool! haha. I'm so glad she enjoyed it. My little water baby. I should have known she'd love it ;)


terrible twos and silly mummy

Alicia has been driving me crazy the past few days! She's hit the "I WANT" stage. She loves to repeat "I want... I want... I want..!!" arggghh! I have to tell her to stop it when she gets like that... it's like she becomes possessed or something :/

*breathes* ahh...

Now for a good story...

This morning I took Alicia to the car with me, as we were about to go shopping. I let her get in the back of the car, then I remembered to grab my shopping list that I'd left inside. I shut her door, ran inside to get the list, then came back to the car. Forgetting to buckle her in, I got straight into the driver's seat and started to reverse down the driveway. Alicia yells at me, "PUT MY SEATBELT ON!" Shocked, I stopped, turned around, and realised what I had done. It's the first time I've ever forgotten to buckle her in. I was so happy that she reminded me to do it. I gave her a big kiss on the forhead, told her she was a good girl for reminding mummy, and buckled her in. She knows that's the routine. Silly mummy.

speaking lithuanian

My MIL babysits for us every Wednesday. When I arrived home last night, she and Alicia were in the lounge room as usual, playing. Then, my MIL held out her hand and asked Alicia what it's called... "ranka," said Alicia. Then my MIL pointed to her eyes... "akis!" said Alicia. I was blown away :) She knows quite a few Lithuanian words now. She can say hello and good night, knows some body parts and how to say thank you. It's pretty cool.

curious child

Alicia has started to ask me a lot more questions lately, about what things are called. Her question is always, "Mum, what's called that one?" while pointing to something. Today, she pointed to the handle on a kitchen cupboard.
Me: "That's a handle." She then opened the cupboard, pointed to the screws holding in the handle, and asked me again, "Mum, what's called that one?"
"They're screws."
"Yeah. They hold the handle in place."
Then she pointed to the rubber stopper inside the door, then the underneath of the sink, then the plumbing/pipes. Each time, asking me again what it's called.
I like knowing that she is building up her vocabulary :) And I love helping her with it.

I borrowed a doll house from our local toy library the other day. She LOVES it. She's loves playing with the little dolls and talking for them. It's so adorable to watch her play.

She's doing really well at daycare now. She doesn't have any problems with me dropping her off anymore. She found it difficult to adjust to the Pelican room (the 2-3yr old's room) at daycare, and it took a few weeks for her to be comfortable with me dropping her off there. But now she'll give me a hug and say, "Have a good work today mummy! Mummy's going to work. Mummy's going to make some photos." haha :D Precious.

Alicia is now 26 months old. She can now recognise letters A and E. She can read numbers 1 to 10, and can count to 12.
It's been a whole month since Alicia turned 2yrs old. It's been an interesting time. She has had a bit of a rough time adjusting to the 2yr old's room - the Pelican room - at day care. Which was to be expected. She always has a happy day, it's only when I drop her off in the mornings that she's not too keen on being left there, until she decides to relax and play.

She's been really healthy all month which is fantastic, especially being the middle of winter. She sometimes coughs a little bit during the night, but I have the vaporizer on in her room, so it doesn't keep her (or us) up, thankfully.

Alicia's favorite new thing to say, is what something is NOT. For example, if she points out something red, she'll say, "Mum, it's RED. NOT blue, it's RED." haha :D She does it all the time. "Mum, Daddy's at work. NOT sleeping, he's at work."

She can also now identify things that are the SAME! I am so amazed at how quickly she learns. We only just started to talk about things that are the same last week and now she just knows it. I think I might have to start learning another language with her soon... she's a little sponge! :)

And, HOORAY! Alicia now wears hair clips! She doesn't pull them out straight away! :) Yeeeaaahh.


2 years old!

Alicia will be 2yrs old tomorrow. I'm really excited for her! She's so wonderful. I'm so happy to have her in my life, she's the most adorable daughter I could ever have wished for. She makes us laugh, frustrates us, brings smiles to our faces, teaches us how to live in the moment and how to play again. She delights me. I'm really looking forward to celebrating her 2yrs this weekend with family and friends.

Alicia's watching 'Giggle and Hoot' right now. Sesame Street just finished and Yo Gabba Gabba is about to start. I love Yo Gabba Gabba... it's so funny.

Over the past 2 weeks I've been struggling a bit with Alicia's dark side - her bad behaviour, hitting, tantrums, etc. I understand that it's all part of her learning and growing, but it doesn't change the fact that I feel I need to learn how to control it. Last week I attended a parent seminar focusing on emotion and behaviour parenting skills. Tonight is the final session. We've been using the '1-2-3 magic' technique and it's working really well. I was mainly concerned about her hitting, but the technique works really well for tantrums as well. It's been really helpful.

Alicia is funny though. When she's doing something that she knows she's not meant to do (e.g. taking her nappy off), she'll say what I would say to her as she's doing it. For example, while she's taking off her nappy, she'll be saying, "Nappy On Alicia. Leave nappy on." Which alerts me to the fact that she's taking it off! haha. Or if she's climbing onto the table, she'll be saying, "Down! Off table Alicia!". Haha, it's funny.

For Alicia's birthday, we've bought her a "big girl's bed". She's no longer in a cot. She's actually been sleeping in it for a week already. It's been an interesting time. She's going well, but every now and then she'll get up once after I've tucked her in - because she can. But she'll go back to bed after I tuck her in the second time, so it's good, she doesn't keep getting up and delaying her bedtime. But I love that in the mornings she'll get out and come up to our room to wake me up now, not the other way around! I can sleep 'til she wakes up. Hehe.

imagination, names and numbers

alicia has a great imagination. she'll pretend she's holding an animal (like a frog) and "give" it to me and say, "it's a frog mummy!". and then i pretend i'm holding the frog, and then the frog jumps away... and she'll say, "oh! frog's gone! jumped away." then she'll pretend she's giving me a koala... haha! and so on and so on. she seems to like giving me snakes, koalas, frogs and mice. eww. lucky for me, they're all invisible!

i've taught alicia how to say her first AND last name, when someone asks her what her name is. when i first taught her how to say it, a few weeks ago, she wouldn't always remember how to say our surname. sometimes i'd ask, "What's your name?" and she'd say, "Alicia."
"What's your last name?"
"Alicia... B... Bobo"

but now when anyone asks her what her name is, she can reply with her first and surnames. we've been trying to teach her her middle name too, but I think it's a bit too much for her to remember at the moment. she doesn't seem to remember it.

I'm also teaching her to say, "I'm 2 years old." when she's asked how old she is. but that one's hard too. she'll get it, but it'll take some time.

she can also read numerals 1 to 10! i can point to numbers and she'll say what number it is :) my clever little pumpkin :)

my sister sent Alicia a parcel of ladybird things for her birthday. yesterday morning the postman delivered the parcel to our door. Alicia keeps asking me where the postman has gone. That's one of her favourite questions at the moment... "Where's _______ gone?"

All day it's like this:
"Where's daddy gone?"
"Where's teddy gone?"
"Where's the moon gone mummy?"
"Where's daddy gone?"
"Where's blanky gone?"
"Where's Adam gone mummy?"

And then there's me:
"Daddy's sleeping."
"Teddy's upstairs."
"We can see the moon tonight, Alicia. We can't see it now because it's daytime."
"Daddy's working."
"Blanky's in your bed."
"Adam? Adam's at home next door." (She loves our neighbours, heh)

And she always asks Ham... "Daddy, tickles?!" (she loves being tickled) So funny.